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  •     English to Persian translation
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  •     Translation of scientific research articles


Writing scientific research articles

  •     Writing a scientific research article
  •     Thesis writing
  •     Writing a proposal
  •     Converting a dissertation into a scientific research article


Statistical services

  •     Statistical advice for scientific research articles
  •     Analysis of statistical data with SPSS software
  •     Data entry (scientific data entry) of scientific research articles


Copy Editing

One of the problems of all students / researchers and countries whose mother tongue is not English is writing an article in the correct and scientific language. Unfortunately, this lack has led to acts of medical ethics and plagiarism. In order to help students / researchers, Pooyanvira's fully professional team helps you to edit articles, scientific principles and writing in accordance with the valid standards of world journals.


Manuscript (Journal) Layout

After scientific and literary editing of articles, the stage of layout and arrangement of articles is based on the structure of the journal. Proper replacement of content and observance of the necessary standards for page layout are professional principles. Pooyanvira Scientific Research Institute, with its experienced staff, will perform all the steps for scientific research journals.


An Extract Article from Thesis

An article is a writing in which authors, through a structured process, examine scientific, literary, social, moral, and other issues. Logical reasoning and conclusion, by mentioning its process, theorizing through a systematic research, rejects, proves, criticizes or denies the subject. One of the common methods in preparing scientific research articles is to use the contents of a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation.
The research process is usually done by writing a student thesis. Converting a student dissertation or dissertation into a suitable article for publication in scientific-research journals requires changes in its length, content selection, and writing style. The text shortening process must be done with high accuracy. Additional content and details should be removed while maintaining the coherence of the text and the expression of key words and concepts.



After editing articles, Proofreading is one of the requirements in scientific research journals. After the final approval of the article by the authors, Pooyanvira's professional team will review the articles for more certainty.

Types of articles: Original, Review Article, Case Report, Short Communication, Letter to the Editor, Editorials, Commentary
All articles pursue a common goal


Internal management of magazines

The process of receiving articles, initial review, appointment of judges, receiving reviewed articles from authors based on the opinion of the judges are steps that require high precision and usually lead to delays in the publication of scientific research journals. Pooyanvira's professional team is able to present all the stages of internal management of magazines from the beginning to the end and the moment of submitting the article to the editorial board in a completely professional manner.

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