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Nutritional tips before and after Covid-19 vaccination

23 July 2021 | 16:45 Code : 27 Useful Knowledge

You do not need a special diet to get the vaccine, but you need to be acquainted with the foods that help the health and efficiency of the immune system during vaccination so that you can minimize the possible symptoms and complications of vaccination and strengthen your immune system.

The recommendations emphasize that you should not fast during the vaccination period: You may experience dizziness, low blood pressure, and fainting when you are vaccinated. To prevent these problems during vaccination, it is necessary to eat a simple breakfast or snack, and the night before the vaccination, eat light foods such as chicken soup, fresh dark green vegetables (spinach, parsley, broccoli). This is especially true for people who are afraid of being injected. It is recommended to eat milk, fruit, eggs, bread and cheese (along with vegetables such as tomatoes or cucumbers, etc.) as breakfast or snacks before the vaccine is given.

Also, have a good and comfortable sleep the night before vaccination and observe sleep hygiene. Adequate and restful sleep is one of the secrets of human health and longevity along with a lively life and plays an important role in preparing and strengthening the immune system. Good, quiet and continuous sleep helps to eliminate waste products from the body. Therefore, avoid working with any electronic device such as mobile phones and computers and watching TV for a long time from at least one hour before bedtime as much as possible. This allows you to sleep comfortably and deeply and your body to rest in complete relaxation until morning. Eating simple and light foods can make a good night's sleep. Try to have about two hours between dinner and bedtime. Also, drinking a glass of warm milk helps to have a comfortable sleep.

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