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Scopus Journals Ranking

22 July 2021 | 23:00 Code : 20 Best News
Scopus Journals Ranking

The indicator that Scopus uses is the SCImage Journals Country Rank, or SJR. This index is similar to the impact factor, but it also takes into account the importance or prestige of a journal. Prestige uses Google's Page Rank algorithm to estimate the scientific value of the referral journal. To estimate this index, a 3-year analysis of Scopus database reference data from 1996 is used.

The Q or Quartile Score is actually used to rank Scopus journals. Based on each category or category in which the journals are located, they are given a score between Q1 and Q4. The meaning of these privileges is as follows:

Q1 indicates that the journal is one of the top 25% of category.

Q2 indicates that the journal's rank is in the middle class, ie between 25 and 50 percent of a category.

Q3 indicates that the journal is between 50 and 75 percent one-story.

Q4 indicates that the journal is in the bottom 25 percent of a category.

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