What is Proposal?

The first step before writing a dissertation is to write a Proposal. Proposal writing is usually complex because it is similar to dissertation writing in many ways but more concise. The proposal is a general plan that is prepared before the dissertation is written. The proposal is written as a plan and submitted to the supervisor for approval. After the proposal is approved, the student / researcher uses it to write the dissertation.

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What are the different parts of a proposal?

A proposal consists of 8 parts:

  • Persian and English titles
  • Problem statement
  • Partial and general objectives of the research
  • General and detailed research questions
  • Research methodology
  • Data collection methods
  • Data analysis method
  • Sources and references

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What is Thesis/Dissertation?

Theses are usually at a higher level of classroom research and are largely new and practical work. Thesis writing is mostly difficult for students / researchers. Thesis is all your scientific knowledge and information. One of the problems in writing a dissertation is choosing the topic. If the topic is chosen correctly, writing a dissertation with excellent quality will be easier.

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What sections does the dissertation include?

The dissertation consists of 5 sections:

  • Generalities of research
  • Theoretical foundations and research background
  • Research methodology
  • Data analysis
  • Conclusion and Recommendations

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What are statistical analysis?

Chapter 4 of the dissertation is dedicated to research findings and results. In this section, research data are analyzed and the student / researcher concludes his / her work based on the results of this section. Depending on the subject and method of research, the method of data analysis is different.

Some statistical analysis software include:

SPSS, Amos, Matlab, LISREL

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How to extract an article from a Thesis/dissertation?

An article is a writing in which authors, examine scientific, literary, social, moral, and other issues through a structured process. Logical reasoning and conclusion, theorizing through a systematic research, rejects, proves, criticizes or denies the subject by mentioning its process. One of the common methods in preparing scientific research articles is to use the contents of a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation.

The research process is usually done by writing a student thesis. Converting a student dissertation or dissertation into a suitable article for publication in scientific-research journals requires changes in its length, content selection, and writing style. The text shortening process must be done with high accuracy. Additional content and details should be removed while maintaining the coherence of the text and the expression of key words and concepts.

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